High school teacher by day, city councillor by night, Robert is a well-known community leader and speaker.

Robert is passionate about honesty in politics, climate change, social justice, democratic reform, and good jobs. He has held many leadership positions locally and across Canada including as the former chair of the National Basic Income Canada Youth Network and current treasurer and director of the Climate Caucus.

When not working with his students or for his constituents, Robert can be found engaging to non-profit organizations and campus groups on topics related to government, advocacy, and environmental issues.

He also likes to design houses, read theology, hike, and spend time with family and friends.

Robert with students from Queen’s University political studies summer institute after a seminar on provincial politics (2018).

Robert earned his honours degree (history) from Trent University and his education and master degrees (public administration) from Queen’s University. His academic research focuses on seniors’ health and aging-well. He was the executive director of the Council on Aging from 2013-2014 and has written a number of award winning grants and papers on seniors’ issues.

Robert lives with his wife, Meredith in Trillium District (in the neighbourhood they grew up in, around the corner from each other, at that!). They have a baby son, Samuel, born in March 2021.