All the Green Leaders in Kingston and The Islands!

I wanted to write and thank everyone who attended our community lunch and town hall at the end of March with Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner. As the pictures below show, we had an amazing turnout with lots of long-time Greens and many new faces!

It was a pleasure to discuss our party’s plans for making life better for people, small businesses and our planet with those who came out. Some had the courage to share their struggles. We need Green MPPs in Queen’s Park to implement a basic income guarantee, supports for our local economy, action on climate change and (finally!) moving to proportional representation.

You can read the Whig article about Mike’s time with us here.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Green Party of Canada leader, my long time political hero, Elizabeth May is in town on Friday, April 20th. We’re scheduled to tour a local sustainable, affordable tiny housing company; open our office; and have a dinner where you have the chance to donate to our campaign (RSVP here). Check back soon for more information on the office opening.

With all the Green leaders coming through our riding and with the tremendous turnout at our events it’s clear: Our. Momentum. Is. Growing.

I am so glad you get to be a part of it. Join us, Friday, April 20 and let’s paint Kingston and The Islands Green!