Robert is supported by some of Kingston’s most progressive residents and community leaders.

Sophie Kiwala, former Member of Provincial Parliament, Kingston ON:
“As a fellow candidate in the 2014/18 provincial elections, it was immediately clear that Robert cared deeply about his community, was a hard worker and was respectful to all. These are key attributes when representing a community at any level. Robert has been involved in numerous organizations making a well-rounded candidate who is committed to working in – and more importantly, outside of electoral cycles. I have no doubt that Robert would represent Trillium District thoughtfully, responsibly and with a high degree of      integrity and compassion for its residents.”

Mary Rita Holland, City Councillor and former NDP Candidate, Kingston ON:
“Robert has demonstrated how much he cares for the people of Kingston over many years.  He embodies representation, builds relationships and consensus, and strives to help others every day.”



Dr. Sachil Singh, Queen’s University Kingston ON:
“Over the past 8 years, I have come to know Robert in both personal and professional capacities.  There is no other local political leader in whom I have greater confidence for maintaining a stalwart commitment to the principles for which they stand.  As a Permanent Resident, it is clear to me that Robert’s humility, accessibility and community engagement contribute to better qualities of life for locals and immigrants alike.  If you agree with Robert’s plans for Trillium District, then a vote for him is a vote for seeing the changes you want!”


Eric Walton, Small Businessman, Education Author and former Green Candidate, Kingston ON: 
“Over the many years I have known Robert,  he has demonstrated himself to be a person of great integrity, always ready to listen, learn and serve.  He is at heart an optimist who combines empathy with thoughtfulness to creatively problem-solve. Robert has the organizational skill set and character traits to be a very effective Councillor for Trillium District.  It is my pleasure to endorse him.”