Greens in the leaders’ debates: Let’s get #MikeAtTheMic

Greens in the leaders’ debates: Let’s get #MikeattheMic

On Thursday, April 12 premier Kathleen Wynne said she supported including Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, in the leaders’ debates.

I agree with her.

And so do the 10,000 people who have signed the petition.

Why? Because the Green Party is one of four parties who receive a provincial per vote subsidy (the others are the Liberals, the NDP and PCs).

The parties receive this public funding due to the number of votes they earned in the 2014 election (meeting a threshold set by Elections Ontario).

Yet the unaccountable media recently announced that they plan to ban Mike from the debates: they’re only inviting parties with seats at Queen’s Park.* Never mind your hard earned money.

They underestimated our power. Let’s change their minds!

With your support, we can flood them with the simple message: “The people of Ontario deserve to see what they are paying for! #MikeattheMic!”

Here are their Twitter handles and email addresses.

@CBCCanada, @CTVNews, @CHCHTV, @globalnews, @CPAC, @tvo,,,,,

In addition to reminding the CBC, Global, CTV, CHCH, CPAC and TVO about the per vote subsidy, you might also like to remind them that the Greens are the only other party in the province that have run candidates in every riding in the last three elections; and that we earned almost a quarter million votes in 2014!

So get writing! Together we can get #MikeattheMic!

*On a technical note, during an election there are no parties with seats in Queen’s Park! Parliament is dissolved by the Lieutenant Governor and the playing field is leveled with all parties trying to win seats.