Undecided who to vote for?

Undecided who to vote for?

Is your head spinning from this election?

It’s been a strange one, leaving many people wondering which party and which candidate to vote for.

Many PCs don’t see their values reflected in the leadership of Doug Ford.

Many Liberals don’t know what to do with their ideals of balance and a just society now their own leader has admitted defeat.

And many NDPers wonder how their party has come up with such a weak social platform.

Fortunately, there is another way forward.

The Green Party and I represent something new.

We stand for strong social policies like the basic income guarantee and a living wage. We give people a hand-up so they can get beyond barriers that stand in their way of success – to give everyone a fair shot becoming able contributors to society.

We stand for sustainable budgets that don’t mire us in debt. That’s why we have always costed our platforms. Our numbers add up.

While the three old parties haggle about the jobs of the past, we stand for good jobs in a future-focused clean economy. Ontario can’t miss out on the high-paying green sector or this trillion-dollar opportunity will pass us by. It also makes sense for our planet, as environmental disasters and climate change cost us more and more each year.

This approach is reasonable and revolutionary at the same time. It actually helps people, small business and the planet. Together.

So when you go to the ballot box, I encourage you to put aside the failed blue, red and orange governments.

Be bold. Vote Green.