Want to vote Conservative but can’t bring yourself to do it?

Like you, I want government to spend our tax dollars efficiently and effectively. Like you, I don’t like waste. And like you, I know we have to support small business to drive our economy.

Thirty years ago, it might have been the Conservatives who supported these things. Now, it’s the Greens.

I have been the Green Party of Ontario candidate in Kingston and The Islands for seven years.

In all my campaigns, I have championed support for local job creators, venture capital and startup funding. In the 2014 election, I was the only main party candidate to present a balanced budget for the province, including finding efficiencies in the public service without cutting jobs.

Since the 1990s, all the other parties have increased our provincial debt by 100s of millions of dollars during their majority mandates. This is irresponsible. In fact, our debt now stands at over $312,000,000,000. This makes interest payments the third largest government expenditure in Ontario, next to education and health care, at $1B a month! This must change.

In my day job, I help small businesses innovate and grow and am the head of communications for a marketing firm (a new venture since taking a break from teaching). I know the grassroot realities of entrepreneurship and private enterprise. Margins are tight, new opportunities are expensive and policy is needed to help keep companies competitive.

Policy like dropping the payroll tax: to increase cash flow for employers so they can pay their employees a living wage.

Policies like importing clean, low-cost hydro: to keep electricity prices down and encourage made-in-Ontario manufacturing.

Policy like a basic income guarantee: to streamline social services and give and hand up to those living in poverty and spur our economy.

Policies like subsidies for local farms and food producers: to ensure a new generation of agriculture grows. Literally.

This is economic justice. It is a guiding principle of my campaign and a foundation for our leader Mike Schreiner who is a well-respected and successful small business person in Guelph.

So if you want to vote for responsible, sustainable budgets and a healthy economy, it’s time to vote Green.